Monday, November 29, 2010

New Craft Closet

While Steve and Doug played with wood, Linda and I played with fiber and loaded in my new craft closet. This is the absolutely most decadent thing I've ever had in my house. A complete closet fully and totally dedicated to organizing the supplies for my various hobbies. I ask you, does it really get much better than this?

We'll start with the doors neatly closed to protect all my supplies from cats and dogs.
Now, let's open up the left side.
I think my favorite thing on this end is that all of my knitting needles are organized by length and out where I can see and find them easily. The lower baskets hold some of my scrapbooking supplies, and my papers are currently stacked flat on the floor in bags. I'll get some holders for the papers soon. Large cutting items are on the shelf above.

We'll move one section to the right to look in the middle left.

Here you can see that I actually even have some empty baskets for expansion. See, my stash still has a little room to grow (just don't tell Steve). At the top, you can see part of the shelf that is dedicated to my crafting books. Most of these are knitting books, and my library is pitifully small, but most of my patters are my own, so I don't feel too badly about that. I have a request in for a couple of additions for my Birthday and Christmas. Hopefully the elves will be paying attention.

If we move one section to the right, we see the rest on my bookshelf and the beginnings of my fiber.
There's quite a variety visible here. There's a lot of acrylic that was gifted to me, an unfinished cross-stitch baby blanket, some serger cones that were also gifts, and my stash of crochet cotton. Now, I don't crochet at that gage, but the stuff works great for tablet weaving, and is perfect for teaching that craft, so I've got a stash. Besides, you never know when you might need a little smooth thread to hold knitting stitches.

One more section to the right, and we get to the bulk of my fiber stash.

I've again got quite a variety, but there's some very nice alpaca, and some wool-silk blends in lace weight, and some sock yarn, and some baby yarn, and some Cascade 220 for felted slippers. The important thing, though, is that it's all out and visible so I can easily see what's there. It's kind of like having my own private yarn shop in the bedroom.