Thursday, December 23, 2010

Water works

There are miracles!  The water is working at our house again.  The only problem is our cold water side of the kitchen sink no longer works.  So we only have hot water in the kitchen.  So Annmarie and I went to the dreaded Home Depot today and picked up a new kitchen faucet.  This one has a movable spray nozzle.  That will make it fairly easy to clean out the sink.
I went over to Stanfield last week and paid the mobile slaughter and processing company.  Our lamb carcass weighed in at 65 pounds.  We ended up with 4 leg of lamb packages (we have the legs cut in 1/2, a whole is too much for us), 36-3/4 inch thick lamb chops, 12-3/4 inch shoulder chops and 10 1/2 pounds of stew meat (we have it packaged in 1 1/2 pound packages).  It all fits in a small cardboard box, the size you would use to move books in.  We are going to eat some next week.  The old whether's, we had turned into stew meat, carcass weight was 81#.  So we are good for the next year when you add in the 1/4 beef we just got also.  We already had one lamb in the freezer here at the house.  It costs $100 to have the sheep killed, cut and wrapped to your specifications.  So now we will start hunting out customers for our lambs as they get to the desired size.  We have one lamb ready now.  I think I have him sold already.  We will try and buy a few more ewes next year.  I would like to have 15 ewes by the end of next year.