Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chicken Butler ordered

Well I finally did it, I ordered the Chicken Butler for my coop.  It is an automatic door with a light sensor so it opens in the morning and closes at night.  No more dead chickens from predators.  I should have it by next week.  The video showed a very simple install so about two hours (using Annmarie time).  I have to modify my opening I believe.  I may be able to just put up a 2x4 frame.  Won't know until I get the Butler.  Then I just need a hole in the side of the coop for the light sensor.  This is way cool.  I figure I lost over $500 last year from predator kill.  So this will stop the predators cold.  I don't have daylight predator problems just nighttime issues.  I think I will still fire up the live trap.  I may even just put it at the door opening into the chicken yard so it only catches things trying to get into my coop yard.  Stay away and you will be safe.  The Butler was kinda spendy but it will pay for itself this year.
I have decided that I need a jigsaw before I can finish the outhouse project.  I want the moon and star to be very pretty and a Rotozip is not the proper tool.  I needed to stop at Home Depot anyway to get some wet/dry vacuum bags (work better when sucking up sawdust) on the way back from work.