Monday, December 12, 2011

House progress

Sarah picture of our barn lot fence.

Well I actually did it, the hall lights now function.  I painted the spots on the wall that were thin and took all the plastic off of the lights.  I thought I had installed light bulbs 4+ years ago in the large light, but it turned out I had not.  It takes SIX light bulbs.  I thought it only took four.  So I scrounged around the house and found six bulbs.  To my great surprise the light actually worked.  I had to bring in a ladder to take the plastic off the light at the top of the stairs.  No way to cut another hole in the wall for that light.  The heating duct is in the way.  I cleaned up my mess and am now ready to move onto the spare bedroom.  This week I will work on emptying out the spare bedroom.  I have decided to also fix the walls in the furnace room (spare bedroom closet) at the same time.  This way I can add some shelves to the furnace room and have some more inside storage area.  I will have to patch the sheetrock, texture the patches, prime and paint the walls and ceiling.  Once that is done then I can sand the floor then stain and seal it.  I should hopefully be done by the end of January.  At that point, I am not sure what I am going to do.  I would like to start framing in the duct work in the bathroom and installing some shelves. 

Top of the stairs with camera flash

Top of the stairs without camera flash

Bottom of the stairs looking straight up.  Yes, I know window trim is coming soon.

I finally caught up with the custom wood cutter guy today.  My random drives past the business finally netted me someone at the place.  It has only taken me three months.  I picked up 120 linear feet of 6 inch tongue and groove blue pine for $0.38 lf.  I was ecstatic.  I bought some and put it out in the old house.  Annmarie's first question was what am I going to do with it.  My first answer was I need about another 500 linear feet!  Some of the wood is very blue and some of it is not.  I will have to dig through it all and color match the pieces.  I am going to continue doing random passes by the business until I get enough wood for a project. 

Sarah took some pictures yesterday of the hoar frost.  Yes it is a real word and we really do have hoar frost and not snow.  She is getting very good with a camera. 

Looking up hill just behind chicken coop

Looking toward hen house from our home over ram pasture