Monday, January 2, 2012

Water works

Well, no holiday would be complete at the Hardin house without having a water issue.  Every December holiday since we have been here we have had a water leak.  This year was no different.  The only outside faucet to not have a hydrant style dispenser is in the back yard.  It doesn't have one because it is 18 inches away from a maple tree.  I did not want to dig down to get to this water connection.  It will mean an axe, shovel and a pickaxe.  Guaranteed to be a miserable time.  The day before Christmas the brass faucet froze and cracked, spraying water every where.  My solution is an entire roll of 2 inch black electrical tape.  The problem with this is as soon as you start wrapping the leak water starts spraying all over the place.  I was drenched before I finally sealed the leak.  One more spring project that was not on the list.