Monday, March 10, 2014

Water come th.

It is officially spring.  The rain is here and it is starting to warm up.  We went away for two days and were amazed by all the greenery sprouting every where.  Zeke went outside with me yesterday and just got soaking wet.  It was so muddy that when I stepped out of the chicken coop the chicken he was chasing around the coop turned at the corner and Zeke slipped and landed on his side and skidded forward on his side over the mud.  He doesn't know Mr. Newton personally but he did demonstrate his law quite effectively.  I had to hose him off and dry him before he could go inside.  He doesn't particularly like that but he is starting to understand it is the price for getting to come out and work the animals in lousy weather.  

This morning, while in bed, we heard this metal scraping out in the back creek.  The water has raised a foot overnight and is raging.  It must have picked up some old metal debris and was dragging it down the creek.  I suspect it will get lodged down at the apple tree dam.  That is going to be interesting to clean out this summer.  I just hope it doesn't wash out the back creek.  Annmarie tells me that it has in the past.