Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Supposed to be fencing

Hunting season is all done.  My father and I got our bucks on opening morning sunrise. It took me twenty minutes to get my dad lined up for his shot.  The deer cooperated by staying close.  He dropped it with one shot.  It took Lee and I far longer to gut and clean than it did to kill them. We used the overhead animal cross I installed last year to skin out the animals and hose them clean. We put game bags on them and stored them in the root cellar.  We are letting them hang for a week. 
Annmarie wants to get the fence up by the cars done next summer. This means any farm equipment I was going to move down for display needs to happen. So instead of fencing I made a flat spot and installed the old rake harrow.  After getting that in place, I made a flat spot on the opposite side. 

Instead of fencing I made a flat spot and started adding farm equipment for decoration.

I couldn't just do one side!

I cruised up onto the back hillside to look at an old wooden wagon that was falling apart.  Just past the wagon is where I want to shoot another fence up the hillside.  I want it to be inline with the upper prime pasture.  So I spent about two hours in 90 degree temperature, in October, making a flat spot and grading the rocks out of the way.  I need rain before I can drive those t posts into the ground.  Probably going to have to install two rock cribs on either side of the rock bluff and maybe one at the top fence line.  Good thing there are lots of available rocks.  I did hook onto the front half of the wagon and drag it down to the house.  Sarah is already bemoaning the fact that it will be one more gate on the property.  She doesn't like that we have subdivided and installed gates everywhere.  I have at least ten more gates to install.  We currently have eight separate pastures now, nine when I get school house pasture done this week. I see 3-5 more to go before I am done.  Then we will be able to control the grazing and run two sheep and two cow pastures. It just means a lot of gates to. Open and close when you are trying to cut across the property.  
Since I did not want to actually fence I prepped the fence line for the spring.