Friday, March 27, 2015

Tack room done

Tack room lazy susan.
Today was a recycle day.  A friend is doing some demolishing on his current contractor job.  I snagged a few intact formica countertops, a formica shelf with supports, some oak trim and some fluorescent lights.  The lights are for the old house and will be installed later.  The countertops are for the tack room cupboards.  We laid a couple of 2x4 across the three cabinets and attached them all together.  Two tops were custom cut for both cupboards and we installed a new shelf on the wall.  The tack room is officially complete.  I may put a few more small hooks on the wall but nothing fancy. 

Tack room long cupboards.
We spent a half an hour picking up all the wood on the hillside by the new lawn ornaments.  I wanted to get it all cleaned up before we install the new fence.  I will have to bring the tractor over to drag the large limbs that got cut off seven years ago.  I want to get it all on the new burn pile in the orchard and then torch it all. 

Lazy susan with formica top.

The oven works!  I wired it up and it works!  I love it when things work on the first try.  We let it run for about 1.5 hours to burn off the new smell.  Now it just needs to bake me some brownies!  Sarah tells me that my chicken food is going to go on sale very soon.  I am trying to decide whether to buy 1000# or 2000# of chicken food (20 or 40 bags).  Whatever I buy I will purchase more mouse traps and some poison bars to go in the coop food storage area.  We are also getting more cats, four more should do it.  We need better predator control.  I do not want any mice in the house. 
Three cabinets connected with formica top and new formica shelf.

Stove works!