Monday, September 7, 2015

Trees are closer to our dirt

This is how you dig a hole!
Late last week before the rain, I went out with the mistress to do some serious work.  We were going to dig some holes for all of our fruit trees.  I had to cut through the grass with a shovel then started trying to dig the hole with the auger.  Each hole was taking 30 minutes to dig.  I had to fill a couple up with water because I could not get down through the earth.  On the sixth hole I saw a piece of plastic fly off the auger.  I stopped it, shut down the tractor and got off to inspect the damage and determine the cause.  The auger is held on to the gear box by two heavy duty bolts.  One of those broke then only came out half way thereby tearing up the plastic safety guard.  I did not have a replacement bolt the correct length.  I had to leave everything as is until I got done working at the paying job over the next several days.