Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Catch up

It's been crazy busy at our paying lives that we have not been home much to get the spring projects underway.  Sunday was my first real day to dig in. 
Back deck progressing

I drove the tractor into town to see if I could move the planters at Grandma's house.  I managed to get one lifted with chains but it slid sideways and almost tipped the tractor over.  I dropped the bucket when I was up on opposite wheels.  I tried to move one planter by pushing it with the bucket.  All I did was put a crease in the side of the trough. I was going nowhere fast and decided a second set of hands was needed.  I was just going to have to arrange for help in a timely fashion. My normal hired help is in Alaska so I am going to have to ask around.  I decided to come home and get some more work done around the farm.  I scraped the rotten hay up into a large pile near the machine shop.  It was pretty slick and wet.  I am going to have to wait till summer time to move the pile to the barn lot.  Its needs to dry out. 
I then moved gravel to the back deck area.  I dumped it and then raked the area flat.  Once I had it raked flat I created a spot for the grill under the eaves of the back porch.  Eventually, I want to build a see through rain cover over the back deck!  We could hang out in the rain and not get wet in the summer.  I need to have some custom metal support poles built.  It will have to wait till next year.  This year I want to get the deck finished, the planters in place, the watering system for the planters in place and the custom metal gate for the other side of the garden.  I am just going to put a rollup wooden fence on the far side of the garden.  We need to be able to keep the dogs and sheep out of the garden.  I made a spot for the grill using some old bricks we had laying around the farm.  I am going to make two more spots for chairs out of the bricks and may even make a walkway out of bricks.  It just depends on how far the bricks will go.  I talked to the hardware store and the paver sand sells for around $48/bag.  They said a little goes a long ways so I will probably only get 3 or 4 bags for the whole area. 
I raked until I was good and tired.  It was a mighty productive day.  My next big wish is for the dreaded Home Depot to have house jacks available so I can use my no interest credit card to order five house jacks.  I have not had time to look online and confirm my dream.