Thursday, June 16, 2016

Everybody needs a catch up day.

Maybe sand will do the trick
I spent Sunday afternoon playing catchup. Our front gate keeps getting loose.  I set the post in gravel but the constant opening and closing causes the post to sag.  Instead of digging all the gravel out and pouring concrete around it I just poured sand over the top and slammed it in with a large breaker bar.  It is pretty stiff now, time will tell if it actually worked.  I may have to dig it out and set it in concrete yet. 

My nephew is digging out the barn and doing a few odd chores around the place.  I started him on the barn and took the tractor out to mow the grass again.  We have had so much rain that the cheat grass needs to be mowed a second time! 

I did walk around and pick up scrap metal all around the machine shop.  I cannot stop myself, its like a compulsion.  I had to use a pickaxe to get some of it out of the ground.  I just keep after it, I doubt I will ever get it all in my lifetime.  I pick a few hundred pounds out of the ground every year. 

Back deck ready for furniture and steps

I needed to spread out more paver sound on the back deck.  I used a whole bag and ended up with a full second bag.  The bad part is it cannot get wet.  I still need to put together both outside chair sets and get them stained. I also need to attach one of the grill wheels, it fell off and needs to be reattached. 

We have had the bull penned up in the corral for the last week. He is not happy about the arrangements.  We need to get the baby calves sold so he can mix with all the other cows.