Sunday, June 11, 2017

Weed mowing.

Its obvious from this picture that my mistress needs some TLC. She is dirty and it just keeps getting worse. I am trying to get the field mowing done. But there is a lot of it!  I have all the area around the houses and all the way down to the school house done now. I just need to get the upper prime pasture. It's not very exciting, round and round we go. Friday, I had a baby deer jump out of the grass just before I ran over it. It was little and kept trying to get through the woven wire to get back into hiding in some other tall grass. It was fine. I have seen hundreds of vole. I also saw two rock chucks.  They had snuck down off the hillside to come down to the waters edge and eat. Of course I had no rifle as that is something I don't carry on the tractor. Zeke had snuck out of the yard so I sicced him on them. He caught one and shook it a little bit but it got under a rock crib and he could never get at it again. I am always surprised when we can call the dogs off of something like that. 
I had another coworker's son out yesterday helping me clean out the barn. I got the tractor in there and pushed it out one end and had johnathon shovel it out the other. The hardest part is getting it loosened. I did as much of that with the tractor as possible. One more day to get the barn totally cleaned out. 
AnnMarie is off at Berkeley and I have a honey do list long enough I am not sure I could get done if I had vacation for the next two weeks!  The new puppy is dragging me down. Someone has to entertain him in the evenings.