Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bridge plans

Annmarie tells me that drawing plans for a bridge after you have purchased all the materials is a bad thing.  I kinda sketched it out on a couple of stickies before ordering.  I drew it out and got authorization for the design today from the boss.

  I also measured the bridge opening with a 50 foot steel tape today, the bridge is not 38 feet, it is 42 feet 2.5 inches long.  Not quite the same.  Now the nice part was it was that distance on both edges and the middle!!  All said and done, I need to order another 12 cedar 2x6s and I was informed that I would have to face the pressure treated wood so that it is not visible.  I will use cedar fencing slats and cut them to size.  It will look pretty when all is said and done.

For future reference, very detailed plans need to be done in advance...