Thursday, July 28, 2011

fencing continues

Annmarie informed me this morning that the horses like pears.  It seems our horses are reaching up into the tree and picking the half grown pears.  No easy picking this fall.  Sarah and I went out to the pickup to start the fencing.  Since she had said she wasn't going to drive, I made her.  Using parent logic since she didn't want to  she needed the experience.  It did not help her case that she tried to get out of fencing by going in to town and taking her driving permit test.  We found out that a note from her school is needed for her to take her permit test.

   Usually, our driveway is uncomplicated, but I have parked the wheat truck behind the cars and it is tight.  Sarah is in the pickup trying to jockey it around.  We are not doing a lot of jockeying, just going back and forth without turning.  After much yelling and cursing I thought we were making progress, except she wasn't looking over her shoulder when she was backing up.  I told her three times! right before she hit the truck.  It was so loud that Annmarie heard it in the house and came out to see what was up.  Annmarie gives the all clear, no dent and we get turned around and over to our fencing location.  There was a dent, a nice 2 inch wide vertical dent on the bumper.  Good thing it is the farm pickup and we don't care.
We installed four of the horizontal boards on the railroad ties and placed all the boards in their correct location.  I used the chain saw to cut them and it needs to be sharpened.  It was slow going.  This hot weather definitely makes fencing harder.  I had sweat dripping off my body in no time.

Our back creek is still running!  It is the latest since we have moved here.  We are hoping it runs year round.  I am starting to get excited about finishing the bridge.  Looking forward to having that out of the way.