Monday, August 22, 2011

fencing continues

Big surprise but the sheep got out again today.  The barn lot and ram pasture is secure.  The child left a gate partially unlatched and the sheep pushed through into the orchard.  The orchard had two major holes that I knew about.  The gate and under the fence near our little foot bridge.  I plugged those with panels and then went inside the orchard.  The far back corner is a mess.  It is falling apart and the sheep were just stepping over it.  A very worn trail showed where they were going through.  I patched that section and then 30 feet away where the creek had created a new path there was a one foot gap under the fence.  I patched that.  I did a lot of patching.  The far corner is most likely going to have some concentrated attention before the year is out.  On a very positive note I found a use for the wagon.  I mounted a bar across it and have my spool of fencing wire attached so I can just pull as much wire as I need.  All the tools and nails needed for fencing are kept in the rest of the wagon.  Very cool use for the wagon.