Monday, October 24, 2011

Horse Enclosure completed

I tried to get Mr. President to help me this week.  I have so much stuff to do at work that this is my last week of pushing to completion the home projects.  I have decided that hired help is needed ASAP.  He was busy all week long, but luckily for me his older brother just came home for a couple of weeks and is available.  He came out to help today and will be further referred to as "Mr. Vice-President".  We went to work on the horse enclosure.  It got dug out completely, OSB boards to separate the sheep and horses, completed the outside wall, added another support beam in the middle of the wall.  It looks decent, very functional.  The scrap wood pile was moved to the burn pile and I raked out the yard.

Next, we went and installed the horizontal supports for the fencing railroad ties.  Mr Vice-President put in the slanted wire and tightened them all up.  I tried to use the tractor loader to pull dirt into the low spot on the upper fence.  I just managed to rip up the ground and make it very uneven.  I need to use the box blade for this type of work, but the box blade was not on the tractor.  They make a fancy mounting system ($350) that lets you just back up to a piece of equipment and flip three switches and you are hooked up.  This doesn't even require you to get off the tractor seat.  I did not purchase said system, so it took me almost 45 minutes to hook up the box blade and needed the assistance of Mr. Vice-President.  I could not get it done alone.  In my defense this is only the second time I have put an implement onto the tractor, that should count for something. 

Annmarie said that the horse feeders are mounted too high and need to be lowered about one foot.  I kinda suspected that once we got them in place, but needed the expert opinion before altering any thing. 
My poor chicken yard looks like someone tore open four goose down pillows.  There are feathers every where!  Mr Vice-President is going to dig a trench around the coop tomorrow a foot deep then we will attach wire to the side of the building, lay it in an "L" shape in the trench, fill said trench with very large rocks and add dirt to fill in crevices.  I think the predators are living under the chicken coop again.  Stupid problem #11. 
At the rate things are progressing I expect to have the entire upper fence job completed by Sunday!!!!  All of the outside work for the year will have been done before Winter, simply amazing.