Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lamb given away

I went out 1.5 hours later (I set an alarm) to check on the baby boy and he was truly rejected.  I found him five feet away from the ewe buried in the straw trying to stay warm.  The other lamb, boy, was curled up at his mother's feet.  I gave him a little warmed formula which caused him to perk up some, but not very much.  So I wrapped him up in a hand towel and took him down to Tish.  She will hand feed him and take care of him.  She took our last bummer lamb.  Otherwise, I don't know that he would have survived the night.  I think it would have gotten too cold for him.  I forgot to check the ewe's ear tag so I could write it down.  Will do that tonight so I can put a red check mark after her name on the spreadsheet.