Saturday, May 26, 2012

Barn Floor continues

Day 1 progress 20 sq ft.
 As you can see the barn is a mess.  I have been trying to move stuff out of other areas and the barn has been accumulating the extra wood.  Eventually, I will end up moving everything as I want to complete the entire floor.  I had to move my drill battery charger out to the barn.  Using the impact driver eats up batteries.  It makes putting screws into this old wood possible.  The only real problem is you have to wear hearing protection the whole time you are working.  The impact driver is very loud.  I have managed to break four phillips driver heads so far.  I had to go to the hardware store and buy more screws.  It was an expense I really didn't consider.  The screws go for $3/lb.  I bought 16lbs and probably already had 4lbs.  I'll bet by the time I am done with the barn I will have put over 100lbs of screws alone into the job.  Amazing really.  I am getting faster.  On Friday, I finished 31 feet before stopping. 
Day 2 progress 120sq ft.

One of the things I noticed was the side panels are going to have to be replaced.  The old ones are broken, cracked and falling apart.  Once I get that side of the floor completed I will pull off the rest of the boards from the inside of the wall. 

I pulled off and replaced the wall boards.  The floor is not very level.  Even after I jacked up the outer wall and repaired it.  Not a big deal, enough screws and the whole thing will stay together regardless.  I emptied out the center so I could start working on it.  The center is almost 12 feet wide.  Which works out well as I have some 8ft long tongue and groove flooring for this section.  I swept the floor after clearing it and started scraping it to get the rest of the sheep dung off.  After talking with Annmarie and having a barn intervention it was decided that I would rip out the center section of flooring so that there aren't multiple heights of flooring.  I jerked a couple of pieces up and they are dimensional lumber, 2 inches thick.  Same of the boards running long ways under the flooring.  Of course the support boards are not on even 4 foot centers.  This will cause me to add one or two more boards long ways 45 feet.  I am going to salvage the boards I rip up off the floor to use as new underlayment runners.  I will hopefully only have to add one runner but two is the maximum I will have to add.  They I just need to alternate four foot sections on the floor. 

Day 3, right side completed.

I did find three blue eggs out in the barn on top of some old gunny sacks.  Unfortunately, I did not know how long they had been there so I broke them open on the ground.  I knew there was another hiding spot, I just could not find it.