Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ready for cows.

I finished fixing the two sections of fence, I burned up this winter, today.  I installed a new latch on one gate and fixed another gate.  We are all ready for cows tomorrow.  I picked up the borrowed horse trailer (thanks Julie) and gassed the pickup.  I will head out first thing as it is a four hour drive each way.

I changed out the post hole auger for the box blade on the tractor today.  With the box blade being stored in the old raised sheep jug area, it was at the right height to just back in.  It only took me 15 minutes to unhook the one piece of equipment and hook up the other!  I was very happy.  No two hours of swearing and trying to figure out how to lift something several hundred pounds by myself.

I went out and did another chicken count tonight.   We are down to 23 hens and 1 rooster.  I have lost three hens this year.  One died of natural causes and two to predators (Predators 2, Farm 0).  Still need to get some sunflower seeds to use as bait.  I had to adjust the light sensitivity on the automatic chicken door.  It closed tonight and left three chickens outside the coop.  I had to chase them back in.  While I was running around chasing the chickens into the coop I found a baby magpie hoping around inside the chicken yard.  It could not fly.  It should be big enough, the thing was bigger than a robin.  It is hard to fly over a six foot fence.  It probably fell out of the tree and just could not get going again.  I left it alone in the chicken yard and shut the outer door to the yard so a raccoon could not eat it.  Hopefully, it figures out how to fly soon.