Thursday, June 28, 2012

Barn roof moving along

Trellis almost completed
Went to the Lumber store today and bought some roof beams.  They had 2x6 boards 20 feet long.  NO, I did not go to Home Depot because they don't have that kind of lumber.  I picked up the missing pressure treated board I needed to finish off the box over the long window.  Mr. President and I installed it then spent thirty minutes tying branches to the trellis in an attempt to get it to grow away from the house and onto the new trellis addition.   I found a couple of large flexible branches and plopped them onto the new trellis section.  We will see if they will creep out.  I am going to give the bush more water this year in an attempt to get it to grow more voraciously.  
New roof beams sticking out.

I started in on the short beams for the roof.  What a pain.  It would help if I knew what I was doing.  Not very many people support their own roofs any more.  You buy pre-made trusses.  So I have to make two angle cuts with ledges where they sit on top of the beams.  I managed to imitate it and cut five boards today and got them in place. 

Hit a fairly large SNAFU.  I have been standing on the upper platform to work on the roof, there are six boards that need to be installed where there is no walkway.  After much thinking we are installing a walkway support system, beams and ends every 18 inches.  I then lay some loose plywood on it, do my roof work and remove the plywood, Perfect.  If there are enough left overs after every thing else is done I will lay some actual floor onto those supports at a much later date.  I think two days of just beam work can get all the beams installed.  Two more weeks I can get the beams in and metal roof on.  I have made my vision known to all.