Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Clean up continues

We spent the whole day cleaning up, it is not very sexy.  There is one more load to be thrown into the trailer.  Mr. President is going to do that tomorrow and finish cleaning up inside.  When he is done with that the roof piece that blew off the barn needs to be cut up with the sawzall so it can be hauled up to the hillside.  Mr. President is afraid of bees/hornets/yellow jackets.  It is official.  I wanted him to cut up the old grain elevator with the sawzall while I took a load up to the pile and dumped it off.  When I came back the sawzall was out but nothing had been cut.  There were about 10 hornets buzzing around and he didn't want to get stung.  I cut the whole thing up without getting stung.  We loaded 1/2 of it but by the time we filled the trailer there were probably fifty hornets flying around.  I told Mr. President to pick up some spray and hose them first thing in the morning.  Even I didn't want to move the wood with that many hornets flying around. 

I need to go get clean.  It is hot and dusty outside, running around 90 F.  Zeke was filthy so I hosed him off and found a tick.  Tonight I will put tick medicine back on him.  The ticks had gone away, but that rain a couple of weeks ago brought them back out.  

We have started to turn the cows and sheep out onto the main pasture.  Just not enough green down by the house.  Next year I am going to have to get a water pump in the front creek.  If I can get the one right in front of our house up and running I can probably put off the main irrigation pump for another year.  I need to get the aluminum pipe straightened and repaired before the irrigation pump can be used.  I want to plant some grass seed this fall, but who knows if I will have the time. 

I figure one more day to finish the roof, one more day to finish the floor, one more day to make all three doors and two days to side the front of the barn.  Then two days to make the feeders and 10 days to move the fencing all around.  This is my goal, this is my pronouncement.