Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Catching up.

The straw is in the barn.  I got a great deal, 28 bales = 1 ton for a cost of $60.  Right here so I only had to drive 4 miles.  I unloaded them into the old sheep area and broke open 7 bales to cover the barn floor to a much greater depth.  I have about 6 inches of straw over the entire floor.  Plenty of left over to get us through the winter, hopefully there will be some leftover for next year.
I rehung the main entrance gate into the barn lot.  It keeps coming loose on the top hinge.  I took a hose clamp and an old metal door latch I used as a shim.  Hopefully, this will keep the hinge piece from sliding down.  I scrounged around for the metal pieces to fix the grain bin door in the barn.  I just need to drill a hole in the pipe.  I am using a little wire to hold things together initially.  If this works then I will make a permanent change.
Annmarie wanted handles on both sides of the doors.  The easiest fix was to drill holes in the door, hand size, that can be used.  I still need to drill a handle in the large outer hay room door.
I scraped the last of the sheep manure pile away from the barn lot fence.  I also scraped down the high spot in the barn lot near the gate.  This makes a decent pile of soil that I can use to start building up the back hillside terracing.
I also scraped the upper front creek clean of mud and vegetable matter.  I have one 10 foot section on the upper side that needs some hand digging still.

Big surprise, I still need to finish some fencing.