Monday, December 24, 2012

Half day on the rock wall.

Upper road and downhill side of back fence.

Upper road, leveling in progress.

Back upper rock wall connected.
My trusty tractor and I (and the dog) went out today to work on the back rock wall.  I could not work on the outside of the barn as the wind is still blowing.  I connected the upper wall sections and started leveling the road on the outside of the fence with the tractor.  All the extra dirt and rocks from the road leveling I am using to build up the wall and the dirt to raise the berm.  Truly it looks like I spent 30 minutes playing outside.  This project is going to take a few years.  I am in it for the long haul.  I cannot say enough good things about the tractor.  It is a huge force multiplier.  I figure I can do the work of about 2.5 people when I use my tractor.  I am not even sure that many people could have torn up and leveled the road as fast as the tractor. 

I think it will take me another eight hours to get the upper road dug out and smoothed out.  It was pretty treachorous driving the pickup on a sidehill next to the fence.  I have decided to widen the rock wall so it will be a couple of feet deep.  This will make it massive and hopefully keep it in place better than a single stacked layer of rocks.