Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Predator escaped

We woke up at 0130 to the weirdest noise.  It was some animal, but not one either one of us recognized.  I had crawled into bed after midnight and just could not get motivated to go out and check the trap.  I figured it would be there in the morning.  So first thing in the morning I went out to the coop, marked my territory (peed on one corner of the fence) and checked the trap.  NO predator...  my daughter had to empty out and take care of the dead coon.  The trap doors have a flap that pops up and keeps the doors shut.  There is a way to secure those flaps up so that it is easier to empty the trap.  I never use them.  I just use my third arm to hold it all together and empty the trap.  Sarah used the latch and I forgot to check.  The predator got away.  It did eat all the cat food first.  So I fixed that and we will bait the trap again.  I will get it.