Wednesday, August 11, 2010

July monthly chicken financials

 So July was the end of my profitable run.   I lost $119.73 for the month on an average 17 hens laying (still paying for all those raccoon dinners.) (for the year my net income is -$11.20/month.  I had $169.73 in expenses.  I spent $12.75 on bedding and $54.79 for three nipple waterer setups. These waterers will allow me to have water inside the coop without the chickens making a mess and getting the bedding soaking wet.  Plus, in the Winter I can just drop a heater in the bucket and keep them from freezing.  I also purchased some Araucuana chicks for $60for a dozen chicks.  They lay blue eggs!!!  Unfortunately, I had to buy straight run chicks and think I only ended up with 5 hens out of 12 chicks.  They are still pretty young, I will know their gender for sure in about 3 months.    For the year, my monthly expenses are $54.95 (not counting my flock purchases).  We collected a total of 348 usable eggs (80 less than last month due to my chicken killers) averaging 11.2 eggs/day collected (for the year the average is 11.7).  The chickens ate 0.57#food/egg (for the year are averaging 0.69#/egg my teenagers did not start laying this month)    In July it cost $0.12/egg or $01.44/doz for feed (my yearly average is $0.16/egg or $1.92/dozen.  This did not change since last month.)
I never did raise my prices for the egg cartons!  Since my production dropped so dramatically, I have not had any trouble keeping up with egg cartons.  I still have at least 25 of the original 30 cartons.  They have been used several times and keep coming back.  
This is really going to affect whether I can purchase an automatic chicken door.  The door is going to cost $200.  I still need to wire power to the coop.  I am about to get distracted with my daughter's swim team major fund raiser for the next month.  So it is going to be hard to get anything done around the farm.  

Here is the farm from the upper hill.  Farm house at 1200, old wood/coal shed at 0300, chicken coop at 0900 and old house (now my shed) at 1000.  Sarah took this picture.