Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Predators 14, Steve 7

Sunday night when we were going to bed Annmarie asked me if I had locked the chickens up?  Of course, I was upstairs in our bedroom half undressed.  I had not locked the chickens up, so I trudged downstairs, grabbed a flashlight and some dog food.  I figured since I was going outside already I would bait the live trap.  I locked the chicken yard up and set the trap and baited it.  The trap is literally four feet from my chicken enclosure, so any critter getting caught in it has aspirations of a chicken meal.  We woke up Monday morning and are laying in bed talking when Annmarie says "Isn't that a raccoon chittering?"  I listen and then make an authoritative statement "No, just some birds".  We send Sarah out to the chicken coop to feed the babies and water first thing in the morning (she had not done it the evening before).  She comes running back inside stating "There is a raccoon in the trap".  I guess Annmarie was right and I was wrong.  I went out and dispatched the coon, then carried the trap to the pickup so they could drive it up to the boneyard for disposal.  I heard later that Sarah was moaning because she got a drop of blood on her shoe when she emptied the trap.  I still have not caught the other adult coon.