Saturday, February 19, 2011

Night patrol

Last night Annmarie went to bed early, so as I was shutting the lights and TV off she called downstairs for me to come up to the bedroom to listen out the window.  We sleep with our windows open in the bedroom even during Winter.  So I went upstairs and listened, didn't hear anything but Annmarie thought she heard a bird calling out.  I recalled that we had sent Sarah outside before dinner to lock up the chickens and sheep but sometimes the chickens get overlooked (Sarah likes to play with the baby sheep).  So I went and woke the child up to see if she locked up, she never really woke up but managed to say "no" in her daze.  So I went downstairs and had to choose, Walther P-22 with laser sight or pistol grip 20g shotgun?  I usually use the Walther at night but I was annoyed and didn't want any predator getting away since it is 2230 and cold outside.  So I opted for the shotgun and a hand held flashlight.  I did a perimeter check around the chicken coop (it was locked up, Sarah had done it earlier) and went over to the barn to check up on the sheep.  All was good.  I cannot afford to lose any hens.  I have more demand for eggs than I have supply now it would only be worse if a predator kills off some of my hens.  
I have made the decision, as of April 1 the price for a dozen "free range" "farm fresh" "naturally fed" eggs will be $3/dozen.  I am going to get a dozen full size Brahma hens this Spring.  They take a little longer to mature and are a huge chicken.  My chickens weigh in around 5-6 pounds, a Brahma hen will weigh in around 8-9 pounds.  So I may end up separating those eggs eventually if they are just huge compared to my others.  I get some pretty big ones now.  If they are super huge then I will sell "jumbo" eggs a few times a week.  
I did start on my hallway today so I will try and post some pictures by Monday.  Hopefully I will be done in six days.