Friday, February 18, 2011

Winter is hanging on

It snowed this morning, this of course led to another discussion about the bridge.  Annmarie had to do the "old lady shuffle" to get across the bridge.  The slant to the left keeps getting worse by the day.  You cannot reach out and grab the railing or it will give and dump you into the front creek.  It is very annoying.  So I am definitely on the lookout for two sections of 4 foot diameter culvert 10 feet long.
Sarah and I went outside this afternoon to rubber band the other boy lamb.  She gave them some cracked corn to get them to move into our little pen.  I ended up catching the lamb outside the pen.  I have learned to take 2 rubber bands outside with me.  I had the lamb on its back with my knees on the ground and the lamb between my legs trying to get the scrotum through the band when the rubber band flipped off and disappeared into the grass.  After swearing and bending the fingers on the rubber band pliers I tried again.  I got it, but let me reiterate that this is a skill that needs some practice to become proficient in.  I do not make it look smooth or easy.
I had decided that the sheep need to be wormed.  So Sarah stood in front of the opening and I proceeded to catch the new little girls, put them on their butt and stuff dewormer medicine into their gullet.  Five sheep later plus a bonus last year ewe lamb we let them out.  While Sarah was getting eggs I managed to snag Lucky (our new ram, who is almost a year old).  Lucky is solid!!  Weighs in around 120#, not as easy to throw around as those 50# little girls and he has horns.  I held onto him until Sarah came out of the coop and drew up the medicine for me, success!  So only five more sheep to go and they will all be wormed.

I wanted a snack so I cracked open those pickled quail eggs.  Well, Emeril was right, they needed all that cayenne pepper and those hot peppers.  The eggs were very vinegar tasting, not hot at all.  I definitely need to cut back on some vinegar next time and add lots of peppers.  I even made Sarah try one and all she said "it tastes weird".  So next time I make some I will use more of everything but vinegar.  Trial and error until you get it right.  It was how I learned to make the perfect cheesecake.