Friday, February 24, 2012

Floor in progress

I have actually started to sand the floor in the spare room.   I only had 80 grit paper left over and it fills very fast with paint when I do the painted sections (yes, I did already strip the paint once).  I can only do about 3 square feet with a single piece of 80 grit.  I had one piece of 50 grit left and did almost five times as much with it, so I will be stopping and picking up some 50 grit and I am out of 120 grit also.  I don't go any finer than 120 on the floor, I want it to be rustic and with the old holes, stains and nails it is rustic.  The sander got away from me a couple of times yesterday.  I had forgotten how hard it was to sand, and how many back muscles it took. 

We decided to lock the sheep out of the ram pasture for a couple of weeks.  We are hoping to let it grow out and then let them in.  It helps that they have to pass through the ram pasture to get to the orchard and they have gotten out of the orchard twice in the last week.  I cannot figure out where.  There is a little loose fence up near the house that may be the cause.  One more thing to add to the list. 

The horses have managed to create quit the pile of manure near the barn this winter, so pretty quick I am going to have to fire up the tractor and move the pile.  I need to move the entire sheep poo pile away from the barn before I can get started on the barn any way.  Don't forget, I still need to finish my winter burning of the weeds.  It did rain this last weekend, but I am going to have to just mark out the next rainy day as a burn day no matter what is on the agenda for that day. 

The chickens have started to lay more eggs.  This is a good thing.  Only problem is they are starting to lay out in the barn again.  I found 8 eggs this morning in a nest of straw.  I picked up the eggs and stuffed them in my coat pocket then tossed all the loose straw out into the sheep pen so there is no place for them to lay.  They need to lay in the coop!  I had finished feeding the animals and was coming out to talk to Annmarie, she was headed to work, and had to stop her from giving me a hug due to the eggs.  When I went inside to empty my pockets one of the eggs had cracked and leaked all over my pocket and good wool gloves.  I had to wash out my glove and pocket.  Normally, this would not be a big deal, but I had taken the children to school and had my good coat on.  Our second rooster died sometime this week before I could put him out of his misery.  The chickens finished him off and we cannot find the body.  Literally, hen pecked to death.  Now mind you the other rooster is the one who drew first blood, but the hens did him in. 

There are still at least four ewes that have not had their babies yet.  Two of them look like they could pop at any moment.  So we still have more babies cooking.  We are going to end up with some extra hay.  At least 2 ton maybe more.  So I will probably plan on buying another 10 ton and then seeing how it goes.  We will have 23 ewes next winter and all of them will be pregnant.  If 20 of them throw twins we are going to multiply quickly.  I am going to have to look into the livestock sale by next spring.