Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Painting in Spare Bedroom Completed.

I finished painting the spare bedroom today.  The final coat on the ceiling was the only thing left.  Luckily, the ceiling only took one coat of paint.  The walls are so dark that they took three coats of paint to get a nice deep even luster.  Tomorrow I will be able to take the tape off the walls (I used it to keep a nice straight line from the ceiling color) and it will be done!  I still need to strip a little paint off the door trim, but I am leaning toward just using the palm sander to finish it off.  I will start emptying the room so I can lay down a coat of paint stripper around the edges of the room.  They painted the outside edges around a large central piece of linoleum.  Once I strip that paint off I can start sanding.  I am hoping to get started on sanding next week.  I am going to cut the shelves to the right length tomorrow.  Once the floor is finished I will be able to just pop the shelves in and load them up.  With all the fresh paint I won't sand until next week to give the paint some time to cure.  I really want to make a storage/laundry closet downstairs in the laundry room.  It will go in our current unused corner, the bottom 18 inches would be a spot for all our boots.  Then four divided bins for our laundry (whites, lights, darks and delicate).  This would be 4 feet high for a total of 66 inches tall, leaving 25 inches left to the ceiling.  I can get two more 12 inch shelves above the laundry.  The whole thing can be 18 inches deep.  Since it is that deep I may even be able to shrink the laundry storage height.  I would like to squeeze in one more shelf.  I have the whole thing designed in my head.  I even know how to attach it to the walls and add a floor just off the tile. I even have most of the lumber out in the old house...

The light in the chicken coop is working.  We collected 10 eggs today and the first green one!!  Totally cool.  I have been waiting for the green eggs to start back up.  Zeke finally learned to ring the bell today consistently.  Too bad he only rings it so he can run out and eat thrown out food in the compost pile!  Damn dog is too smart for his own good. 

We had another baby lamb.  One of our first time moms (#15) had a single baby girl one day while Sarah was in the hospital.  They are both doing fine.  Annmarie bought me an animal grease pen.  We have so many babies it is hard to keep track of who belongs to whom.  So I am going to write the mother's number on the baby's side.