Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mixed News

One of our ewes delivered this evening.  I went out as soon as Sarah & I got home from her girls' afternoon that was her choice for celebrating her 16th birthday (manicures, movie, and dinner with a friend), and found one very new lamb.  And two others who were stillborn.  Sarah had been saying for quite a while that she thought this ewe was carrying triplets.  It turns out that she was right, but only one lived.  I think this may be a lesson in genetics.  I'd have to look back to make sure, but his may be Lucky's mother.  Who may also have been related to his father.  Clearly Lucky is not going to be able to stay on another year, but we already knew that.  I'm still not really sure about this lamb that is living now.  It was new enough that it hadn't yet stood up when I was out there.  I'm going to take a bottle out with me when I go back out to check on it in a few minutes.