Wednesday, May 19, 2010

baby chicken coop enclosure

Well, I did make some progress today.  I had to dig around the farm and find some more wire.  I found an old roll of chicken wire on the fence supply pile (main pile, I still have 4 piles to consolidate).  It was rusted, but hey, it is free, the best price of all.  I used it to put on a roof.  I used a screw driver to twist the running edges of the pieces together to form one entire roof.  Much better than a plastic wire tire that is going to eventually break.  The chicken wire is formed the exact same way, two strands are just twisted together (I had lots of time to study it today...).  I love my pneumatic stapler, it makes putting up fencing easy.  I went through a bunch of staples but it is possible to do it with one person.  I got the door side all completed and had to cover the door also as it had a huge hole were the screen used to be.  It started raining vertically and Annmarie told me I had to come inside and eat.  I needed to get cleaned up so we could go drop off the hoya plant.  Annmarie is allergic to it and the damn thing will not stop blooming now!  Took it eight years to start and it just won't stop, the smell keeps aggravating her asthma.  She found a gal at work to take it and we delivered it tonight.

Of course, since the chickens are still locked up in the coop yard (except when I am working on the coop), they are eating lots of food!!  I gotta clean up inside the house tomorrow so I will have to get back to the chickens on Monday (paying job over weekend).

On a positive note, we collected 23 eggs today.  The chickens are doing well in that regards.  I have still been lamenting the loss of my Turken (naked neck) chicken.  It was ugly, but I really wanted it to live and had been taming it down.  Luckily, it was fairly cool today and the smell from the dead chickens stashed under the coop wasn't too bad.  Will be glad when the decomposition gets done so they no longer smell.