Friday, May 7, 2010

Closing in on the stairs

I am getting there.  Stairs and upstairs hallway are all sanded now.  I have spent the last two days cleaning up so I can stain the floor.  I tried to wash the walls first, that didn't work out well.  They were covered with so much wood dust I kept having to change out the water.  I then decided that vacuuming the walls was the answer.  That worked out very well.  The only problem with that is when we were building the stairs I opened them up.  At the landing it is 20 feet to the ceiling.  Mind you it looks great.  We even added a second window up high to let in the light... it is very painful to get to the ceiling when there is a 36inch diameter light hanging down in a 48inch wide area.  I was standing on the ladder with our push vacuum jammed in place near the top and me holding it in place with my knees while I used the wand on the vacuum cleaner to suck up dirt off the walls and ceiling.  I also vacuumed off the light (it has been wrapped in plastic for two years, while we textured and painted walls and sanded floor).  Of course now that I am finishing the floors I realize that the walls need to be painted again.  I missed some spots and since there are no lights in the hallway yet, you can't see them.  When I turn on the construction light they are glaringly obvious.  So I get to paint in the evenings after the floor is done (and after it is dark outside).  I have a Gorilla ladder, that lets you adjust its two legs to different heights, so I can work on the stairs.  As I am standing on the top of it, balancing the vacuum cleaner and waving the wand around I realized that this is how people get hurt.  Cause if I fell, it was gonna break something.  Of course, I didn't stop, but I did realize it wasn't a safe (stupid) thing to be doing.  Just think those people at work don't think I have any sympathy for them, if they only knew, I have been there and done that also.