Thursday, June 3, 2010

Back at that Fence! Again...

It was supposed to rain today.  That would have prevented me from building any fence yet again.  It did not rain.   Late morning time I went down to my in-laws to see if my teenage nephew was available to help me out today on the fence.  He was (on the computer) but more than willing to come help me out.  We drove metal fence posts in the Orchard fence then braced a corner and end/gate section of the fence.  We also managed to roll out and attach sheep wire to the bottom of the fence we were working on today.  Cooper also dug the holes for the fence braces to continue the fence on the other side of the front creek.  Of course while looking for tools I could not find my post hole diggers.  Things grew legs and walked away.  I was amazed at the amount of progress we made today.  At that rate, I can have the back fence of the Ram pasture (with gate installed) done next week in 2 days.

The front creek is running high, we went up to the upper pasture to look (I thought the back creek had gotten dammed up again and diverted to the front one.) around and see what was going on.  I had to turn the pickup around and gun it back down to dry land.  The entire pasture is one seeping, oozing mud pit.  There is 1-4 inches of standing water over the whole thing.  I had a duck jump off a pond in the middle of the pasture land. We walked the creek and no diversion, just all that surface water trying to go somewhere.

Will try and get some photos up soon.  It is of course raining very strong outside right now.
Sarah is hoping it rains so she doesn't have to mow the lawn.  The weatherman and I are hoping we are right.  We shall see who is right on Monday.