Monday, June 14, 2010


I went out this morning to let the chickens out of Alcatraz and I only counted 22 hens... now it is easy to miscount as they came pouring out the door like crazed beasts running for the cat food on the cellar wall.  I am sure they heard me call the cats just before letting them out.  They think "here kitty, kitty" means "here chicky, chicky" (yes, we really do use both as they work for the cats and chickens).  So I could just be off by one in the counting.  Will have to verify tonight when I lock them up.  They are far easier to count when they are sitting on their roosts.  I found the trap not sprung and the chicken wing taken out of the trap and the cat food missing.  So I will refill it and try again.  I am really hoping it is not a mink.  It will be very hard to catch if it is.  With it being super wet and both creeks running it very well could be.  I need that kill zone!  Unfortunately, I need that ram pasture fence done first!!  So I am running into town to pick up our daughter from swim team practice, going to pick out a new gate for the orchard pasture and then back at that fence.  Gotta work tomorrow so I can rest then.