Monday, June 14, 2010

Chickens live

Well here it is nighttime again.  We got home after dark so I had to take a flashlight out to the chicken coop so I could collect eggs.  I still don't have power to the coop yet.  It is a low priority.  Besides, the outside extension cord has grown down into the yard and you cannot even see the yellow cord any more.  I gotta get that fence done before anything else.  When I went to get eggs (in the dark) the predator trap was sprung again.  I shined the light in and something black was in the cage.  Upon closer inspection it was another chicken.  They just are not very smart.  I tried to shake it out of the trap but it would not fall out, I finally had to reach in and pull it out.  I did do a recount on my poultry parade and I still have 23 hens and 1 rooster.  So no one has died since I implemented the lockdown after lights out policy.  I only collected 17 eggs.  I am missing those 6 laying hens.

I worked on fencing once Sarah and I came back from gate shopping with Grandma.  I have a very nice sunburn on my neck to prove it.  Cooper (nephew) and I got the ram pasture gate installed, 50% of the upper fence totally completed and put in the end posts and supports on the other side of the gate.  Just need to put the angle support wire in place and string the sheep wire on that 50% and we will be done!!  One more day, this upcoming Wednesday, and I can turn the sheep loose in the ram pasture.  Just made it, as they are running out of fodder in the barn lot.  No way I could go another week with them in there.  Oh boy, once that is done I get to start back on the orchard fence.  I will be glad when the fencing is done and I can go to the barn.  That is my real project for the year.  I want to get that up and running for the sheep this winter.

Plus, I need to start picking out my pieces of wood I am going to use for the trim inside our house from the barn wood.  I am going to trim out all our windows and the kicker board along the floor out of barn wood.