Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall is here

The weather was gorgeous today.  Sunny, warm but not too hot, mid 70s made for a nice day.  Hard to believe it is Fall.  They came and slaughtered our two sheep today.  It took them 30 minutes from the time they pulled in till they pulled out.  Amazingly quick.  I learned a few more things today about the slaughtering process.  Organs and fat can go to the rendering plant.  Heads and hides cannot.  This mobile slaughter discards the hides.  So I will be reading up on how to tan a hide with hair in place.  I could conceivably tan 5-10 hides/year.  Will definitely need to look into it.  It would be great to decorate our medieval pavilion with all animal skin rugs and bedding.  Especially, since our sheep are actually an Old World animal.  The real question is how much time does it take and how hard is it?  I will have to find out those answers. 
I locked the sheep back up in our front yard again today.  I remembered this late in the evening when I was looking out all the windows to see if the sheep had breached my fence repairs from Yesterday.  I had completely forgotten they were trapped in the yard.  The grass was getting fairly long and I would like to get one more mowing in before Winter sets in.  That way I can use the hose to spray off the sidewalk and back porch before the snow flies.  I figure one week on the yard and they will have it all eaten down again. It sure beats mowing, but it is hard on my roses. 
My light in the chicken coop is not working.  I went out there tonight and changed the light bulb and checked the timer.  The timer works and the the light does not.  So tomorrow I am going to have to get another fixture.  I am thinking about just intalling the one in the ceiling and running a temporary power cable.  The trouble is I want to get the power wired in the Library tomorrow so that pushes the chicken coop work back farther.  A new portable light fixture is a five minute fix.  Will most likely go for that tomorrow.
I got the Library all empty again and worked on cutting the outlet holes and running power wire from the switch to the outlet.  What I forgot was there used to be a door in that space and there are some extra 2x4s in the wall.  I had to cut a bigger opening twice, had to drill two seperate holes and peel the skin off of two kuckles then fish the wire down from above by blindly sweeping with a fish tape.  That four feet of wire took me about 1.5 hours to complete.  I also put in a support for the overhead light box. I smoothed all the sheetrock under the stairs and removed the scraps from the ceiling.  I can start mudding this space next week.  Trying to get everything done before Thanksgiving.  I even turned down two extra shifts at work today.