Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Predator battle back on

Well, I went out tonight to check on my trap.  Sarah had already told me that I didn't catch anything.  The trap door was sprung shut, but no critter.  The dog food was still inside the cage.  So it looks like something fairly large was trying to get the food.  I re-baited and set the trap again.  I only put one side up tonight also.
I must confess that the reason we lost another chicken is I forgot to lock the chickens up one night last week.  I just spaced it.  They were just waiting for me to let my guard down!!!  So now I am being hyper-vigilant about locking the chickens up.  If I could just eliminate the problem my life would be easier.  This is definitely the worst predator year I have had.

I am thinking that I am going to have to build a multitude of traps if I put in grapes.  I may just build a second trap next year so I can run two traps.   I would like to stick one on the far end of the Ram pasture.  I suspect the predators are coming from that direction since there are no houses or disturbances.