Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Winter is here

Well that didn't take long.  As I was driving back from the post office yesterday morning I saw snow.  Winter is officially here.  At this rate we may have it on the farm in a week or two.
See the snow in the far saddle?  It has arrived.
The temperature has been in the mid 50s during the day.  The worst part is the wind has started back up and is howling nonstop.  I actually have to use two hands when driving the Prius.  The car is so light that it moves all over the place in the wind.  One of the trade offs for getting 48 mpg.  With a 90 mile commute one way I will take a few quirks for that kind of mileage.
I am still battling the wallpaper.  I had to go get some industrial wall paper remover chemical.  It works better than anything I have tried so far.  I am about 40% done now.  It still takes a lot of elbow grease and I am not used to working with my hands over my head for hours at a time.  So I will keep chipping away at it.  I would like to be done with it by Sunday so I can finish the sheetrock.
I am already thinking about the next project.  I love planning projects.  I have been working on the barn in my head nonstop.  I am always changing and revamping things in my mind.  Amazingly, the cost is free and it lets me visualize different approaches.  I need to install the utility room sink.  The very first thing I purchased for this house was a new utility sink.  I had to have it special ordered.  It is a huge deep cast iron/porcelain sink.  I paid way too much money for it.  The thing weighs about 150#.  It is incredibly heavy.  We have company coming on Thanksgiving for several days and Doug is going to help me make a custom stand for the sink.  He helped me with a closet in the upstairs bathroom and the door shelves in the kitchen last time they were up.
The sink has been on our old house porch for almost three years.  It needs a home.
Obviously, I need to clean out the sink.  The cats were hiding inside the box during the summer to stay cool.  I found some eggs in here also.  The chickens thought it was a grand place.  I ended up piling a bunch on top of the box so the animals could not get inside.  See the sink has a little ledge inside for a cutting board.

This is the future home of that wonderful sink.  We will have a nice deep utility sink.  Hopefully, it will be done before Christmas.  Two sinks will be very nice.