Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Barn cleanup

So I dug out the barn some more today. Gonna be a theme for a while. Annmarie's dad keeps telling me that the barn has never been cleaned out totally, because his father said it would fall apart. I have found three types of flooring already and today I found 6 inches of rusted metal fence post sticking straight up out of the floor!! No way I would have been able to use a piece of equipment to clean it out. Besides the obvious problem of the floor caving in!!! The weather was beautiful, not to hot and the wind was not blowing. Of course it still stinks like shit (cause it is), I stayed clean, did learn that I needed to keep my mouth shut when using the pick ax. Shit was flying everywhere and I ended up with some in my mouth. Doesn't taste that great!!! Went inside and talked Annmarie into helping me hang all our pictures. We were marking spots on the wall and she told me I stank!!!! I told her I was really clean and smiled at her. She said I had brown stuff in my teeth and my breath smelled like crap!!! What a way to complement me!! I went and took a shower...

And I thought I was being so careful to stay clean. Go figure. Gonna have to keep clean after my workout. Shoveling gives me lots of time to contemplate the barn remodel. I LOVE the planning stages of a project. Hands down the best part. This lets me try all kinds of different approaches in my head and the pros and cons of each one. I am looking for an easy way to maximize most of the usable space. The support structure under the barn is going to be a big deal. There are several twisted supports under the barn. I either need to fix those or just cut that chunk of the barn out. If I do that the barn gets smaller!!! So I am trying to balance efficiency with size return. No worries, I have lots of time to think about the project, cause it is gonna take me a while to dig it out!!