Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chicken Spreadsheet

I talked Annmarie into creating a spreadsheet in Excel for me to track all of my expenses for the chickens. It is nice and fancy, so it calculates my cost per egg for feed and the amount of feed for one egg. It is pretty cool. I will start posting my monthly egg production facts here so everyone can see. My goal is to break even with about a 20% profit margin. So far they are losing money. Have been for the last two years. Last year they only lost $100 for the entire year. I thought that was pretty good!! Of course that 30% loss every year due to predators is painful!!! Anyway, I was getting ready to update my March financials when I came across a poem our daughter had to write for English. The funny part of the poem is the teacher thought it was an analogy for being a teenager. In reality, Sarah was talking about one of our chickens!!

Lone Ranger Chicken

I hear a rustling in the morning,

And look out to see what it was.

I see my lone ranger chicken,

Pecking at the ground for food.

Every morning there she is

Flying from her captivity,

To find the choicest meal,

A squishy bug or a lovely weed.

She alone of all the hens

Ventures over the wall

The rest wait through the day

Until I open the gate.

As the sun sets,

And the sky turns colors

She flies back over the wall

For a nights rest, to get up and do it again.

a poem by Sarah Hardin, age 13