Friday, April 2, 2010

woo hoo tools are here!!

I went and picked up the planer and edger today and got them loaded into a trailer. I showed up and the man asked if I brought any help. I hadn't, everyone I know works for a living or is ill. So the two of us loaded up a 500# planer and a 400# edger into the trailer. I pulled up onto the curb right next to the front door and he had a ramp and a furniture dolly. It was enough to allow us to load them up!!! Of course the weather was lovely, rainy and the wind was blowing. It stopped just long enough for us to get the tools loaded and covered with a tarp. I backed the trailer up in our yard to the old house porch. Now, I just gotta get some help to unload them. Need to make a vertical lift of 18 inches to get them out of the trailer and into the old house... NOT going to be easy!!! I am real excited about them, already making plans. My parents are also cutting down another maple tree, so we are going to have the trunk custom cut into lumber. I just learned that I was supposed to paint the edges of the fresh cut lumber so it doesn't split! Who knew. The last stuff I just stickered as I stacked it.

The sheep and chickens are actually staying inside due to the nasty weather. We are finally starting to get some eggs again, up to a dozen a day. Need to get to 2 dozen/day to meet all the commitments I have for people wanting them. We are going to get a business license soon. We have already picked out a name, we just need to fill out the online application. Going to turn the farm into a legitimate farm/business!!! We are excited about doing this. Hoping this helps us turn the place around and get things fixed up sooner. Which means I need to get the barn dug out so I can fix it so the sheep can sleep in it at night and hopefully we won't lose any more babies.

My mother-in-law, Donnna, told me that if I swapped the sheep's feeding habits and fed at night then the sheep would have their babies during the day. At this point I am thinking this sounds like a great idea!!!! Only time I really need this is during the winter and it is totally doable. I just need a light so they can see to eat. Need to do more research on this.