Tuesday, September 28, 2010

chicken coop water buckets made

I made all three buckets, the nipples are installed.  I put the one in for the baby chickens.  I have to move some more stuff around inside the coop to make room for those.  I think I am going to stick one inside and one outside.  Still contemplating where the outside one is going to go.  I think directly above the chicken door and ramp.  I dug out 50% of the bedding.  The coop smells like ammonia, which means the bedding is too wet.  So I dug out half and will finish the rest this weekend.  Then I will have to purchase some more bedding (more cost to my chickens!).  On the plus side the chickens are starting to lay eggs!!  I collected 20 eggs today, not too shabby from 27 chickens. 
The sheep are still getting out.  That is on this weekend's list also.  To top it off the sheep get out of our pasture then the lambs crawl under a second gate and get out in the car area!  The adult sheep cannot crawl under the gate.  I think I have it figured out, will know after this weekend.