Sunday, September 12, 2010

cook shack saga begins

Well the first night is over.  Had a few problems with the new cook shack.  Kept tripping the GFI outlets that were powering the drink shack via extension cord.  Couldn't get that fixed.  Kept tripping the 15amp breaker when we plugged in the second warmer.  Tried all the outlets on the back wall.  Seems like they are all fed by the same breaker.  So we had to string an extension cord across the shack to another outlet.  Couldn't make coffee and use the two warmers.  So no coffee.  The grill table is movable to make it easier to clean behind, it has a quick disconnect for the propane and two for the table.  It worked great... until we went to move the table back in place, the holes were off by 1/8 of an inch.  Too low so we would have to lift the back of the table.  Ran low on ice.  I started with 360#, had extra.  Half way through needed to go get more but no one wanted to let us out, luckily I had talked with the one policeman that had a key.  Sarah and I got out walked to our ice machine, about four hundred yards, grabbed 100# of ice and hoofed it back.  We had to wait 10 minutes for that same policeman to let us back in, but he did and I thanked him profusely.  (will take in two more coolers for ice)   Didn't have all the right scraper pads to clean the grill.  Didn't have cheap water for the workers to drink.  Didn't have two donation cans (only had one).  To top it all off, I left my bucket of food scraps for the chickens at the shack!!
So tomorrow when I go in early to work on these issues I will pick up the chicken food and fix these problems.  Now the very nice thing tonight was we had lots of help and it was good help.  Every one chipped in and did their part.  That always makes things nice.  Obviously, some things need to be addressed but with the cook shack being brand new I expected some issues.  We didn't get inspected by the health department.  I was hoping to get it out of the way tonight. 

So I only have 6 more evenings/days of this before it is over.  I took two weeks vacation so I could coordinate it all.  We only went through 400 burgers and around 60 hot dogs.  Oh, and we have company coming on Friday.   I need to setup a bed and clean the walls before then.  It is going to be a long week.  
good night.