Tuesday, September 14, 2010

cook shack episode 3

So we have company coming in two days.  I needed to wash the walls in our library and floor so we could set up our medieval slat bed and air mattress for company.  We will ignore the holes in the walls, the partial ceiling and lack of power or light of any kind or a door.  I needed some time carved out to do this.  The cook shack has been all consuming.  So I talked to a couple of people and told them I would get things set up today and then I could go home and work.  I rolled in to bed last night at almost 0200.  Our alarm went off at 0515.  I tried to go back to sleep but had told Annmarie I needed to be up at 0630, so I tossed and turned until then and got up, I was anxious to get out the door and see if the ice guys would move my ice for me.  I rushed out the door on a wave of anxiety.  When I got to Pendleton, I realized I did not have any money, a wallet or the keys to the cook shack.  I had to call Annmarie.  The Coke guys saw me and took pity on me and opened our trailer (we gave them a key).  Annmarie and I loaded 800 pounds of ice into our PT cruiser.  She had to walk so I could fit more ice into the car.  Now, you may ask why am I not using our pickup for a job that obviously needs it?  The damn skunks!  The back of the pickup still smells like a skunk sprayed it.  The smell is taking forever to go away.  They are getting their revenge now. 
So after spending a couple of hours cleaning up the pop trailer and putting ice into coolers (had to clean with bleach water first), we went to grab food for the day.  Now I needed a few things so we went to the local business grocery store and bought a whole bunch of stuff, boxes of it.  Upon our arrival at the pool house I tell Annmarie we have to carry all this stuff in (50 yards) and then on the way back we carry supplies from the pool house that need to go to the cook shack.  No wasted trip.  She doesn't care for this idea and after schlepping boxes back and forth a few times announces this is why it is taking me so long to get food.  I need a wagon or hand truck.  We get so involved in that conversation that I forget about the tomatoes and cheese I need.  I take the food to the cook shack while she goes and gets a wagon.  I unload the food and realize that I need to place an order for a lot more tomatoes and onions to make it through the weekend.  So I call the supplier.  Nope, I needed to call 2 hours earlier, the truck already left Portland.  No produce.  So I had them arrange to deliver the burgers and more hot dogs tomorrow.  Annmarie called and said the wagon would not fit in the Prius.  So I had to drive up there to get it.  Wagon is not really the correct word for said behemoth.  It barely fit in the PT cruiser.  After dropping the wagon off at the pool house, I went back to the retailer grocery store and snagged 120# of tomatoes and 350# of onions.  I still had 100# of tomatoes and 50# of onions at the prison.  I had to take that food to the pool house, using the fancy new wagon I fit all 350# of onions in the trailer/wagon and took it in one trip.  I would have had to carry them one 50# bag at a time.  I got all 120# of tomatoes in the next trip.  After stashing the tomatoes in the fridge I took the cheese and sliced tomatoes to the cook shack.  In the morning I get to go pick up the unsliced tomatoes and onions, load them back into the PT cruiser and take them to the prison for slicing.  I left notes for the oncoming cook shift and sticky notes on various things with start times.  I got out of there at 1550.  The first shift started at 1630. 
Annmarie called at 1800 to say she was done teaching.  I had her swing buy and check in on them.  They were still alive and cooking burgers!!  I did get the room walls and ceiling cleaned.  It looks like I smeared dirt streaks everywhere.  I mopped the floor and the kitchen floor.  Now I just need to clean the stove...
oh, and we have to be in the cook shack at 0600 to start breakfast!