Sunday, September 12, 2010

cook shack fixing

Well, I was back in the cook shack by 1000 today.  This being the third day of my vacation.  Ohh, did I forget to mention that I took vacation so that I could do the cook shack all week?  Guess it must have slipped my mind.  Thank fully, I had help today, one of the Swim team father's Mark, met me in there and we rewired circuits for 6 hours.  We swapped stuff around, labeled everything, switched to 20 amp GFI and took some GFI out.  We even had to pull new wire for a new circuit (it was tight!).  I fixed the rigid window locks so you don't have to be the hulk or have a small hammer to get them in.  I fixed the grill table so it is now pinned back against the wall.  I bought a few more grill cleaning items so we can clean the grills appropriately.  The sewage guys had not been by to pump our grey water tank yet.  So I will have to check on that in the morning.  Right now I get to read and comment on my wife's 30 page dissertation paper. 

Annmarie went in on Friday and added 7 more booties to her collection for sale.  None of them had sold in the last two weeks.  I told her she needed to have 30 hanging up on the display before she quit doing them and moving onto something else.