Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall is here

It is raining again at our house.  Now don't get me wrong, we need the rain.  It is dry as a bone and while there is still some warmth during the day this late rain is welcome.  It will give everything a growth boost and we will have more green on the ground come winter.  This is always a good thing, plus, I am not having to water the Ram pasture, an added bonus. 

I had to go out to my car late Monday night to get some information for the cook shack I am managing for my daughter's swim team, Pendleton Swim Association (PSA).  It was late, I was tired and all I really wanted to do was go to bed but I had this last little bit of paperwork to finish so it could be dropped off the next day.  So as I am walking to the car it dawns on me that no one has locked up the chickens yet!  So I grab the paperwork and head out to the chicken coop.  Our chocolate lab, Bailey, is all excited and whining at the fence gate like there is something out there.  I was in a haze when I left the house so I forgot the pistol and just had a flashlight.  I just was not in my chicken patrol mode.  As I come up to the coop I am flashing the light around and spot some big eyes looking out my chicken size coop door.  I run up to the coop and try to get the human door open, it is a battle.  Why is it a battle?  Because my child, left the coop door open when she went to get eggs and there are five full size sheep jammed into the chicken coop!  I opened the door, but they actually have to jump down about 20 inches and they didn't want to leave.  Since I was standing in the middle of them, I just let them take their time leaving.  In about five minutes they all jumped out of the coop.  All the chickens were safe. 

So yesterday afternoon as I pull into our driveway, I stop at my in-law's house.  They are getting some remodeling done, so I wanted to see how it was going.  Sarah spotted my car and walked down from our house.  The sheep were throwing a big tizzy and bawling nonstop.  Donna asked Sarah if that was because they had seen her?  (the sheep know we are the source of treats and good things)  She stated that the babies were outside the fence again but over by the vehicles.  So after talking to Donna and walking around being a lookie loo, I headed back to the house.  I let the dogs out, opened a gate to chase the sheep back into the barn lot.  We herded the sheep back to the main drive through gate (of course not the one I had opened).  So now the babies are on one side of the gate and the adults are on the other.   Then before I could get them herded to the open gate all four of those babies dropped to their knees and crawled under the main gate.  Now mind you they wouldn't normally be there if they weren't crawling out of the Ram pasture through the dry creek bed fence holes.  BTW, I still have not plugged those holes.