Thursday, June 16, 2011

Attempted to finish orchard fence today

Ditch crossing before tightening fence and installing cable over the water. 

Well I gave it a go today.  I was hoping to finish the orchard fence today and just could not get it done.  I got all the crossings buttressed and stabilized.  I strung up the woven wire fencing and put on the first row of smooth wire.  I had to cut the panels in half as I do not currently have enough available to make the entire crossing.
We turned the sheep loose in the orchard tonight.  When I came back from my parents one sheep was already outside the fence.  I am thinking she crawled under the gate and didn't jump over the low fence...
I will keep thinking that all weekend long.

I had to run wire in X shape between both posts to stiffen fence end.
I bought 60 feet of cable for the two crossings and ended up
with an extra four feet.  Good thing I didn't buy 50 feet
like I was initially planning.