Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Farm 3, Predators 14

We caught a raccoon in the live trap down at my inlaw's house.  So I went down this morning and dispatched it and took it up to the bone yard.  The weeds are over growing the road up to the bone yard.  I need more traffic headed that way.  None of the live traps outside the coop were tripped.  My super large clip was still in place so no chickens vanished last night.

Annmarie tried to set up the camera to watch the coop but there is too much interference for the camera to transmit into the house.  So we are looking at a wireless receiver that ties in to our internet page directly and it would be housed in the old house and then the signal would be clear for us in the house.  Still considering this option even though it will cost more cash.  The first batch of baby chickens are three months old so they have at least another three months before they start laying.   Next year I may have to ask around in January to find out which feed store is ordering chicks first and put in an order for 25 chicks right away.  I think the one store starts in February, that way my new chicks could start laying by August.

Hopefully, this was the critter killing my chickens and it stops.  I got the new part for the chicken butler in the mail over the weekend so I will go out and work on it today.  Once it is back up and running perfect the chickens will be safe.