Friday, June 10, 2011

Holes dug

I finished dragging railroad ties to their future resting homes this morning, did it in the rain.  Annmarie called to have me cancel the rental on the post hole digger.  I vetoed that idea and told her at this rate I would never get anything done and I would just have to work in the rain.  I redrew the plans for our front bridge.  We are going to go with a four foot wide instead of six foot wide.  The six foot wide bridge was going to cost around $3300.  The four foot bridge is going to cost about $2100 who coulda thunk that?  I placed the order for all the bridge supplies today.  So things are looking up.

I rented a post hole digger that is basically a walk behind machine with tracks.  It was amazing!!  I dug 31 holes in three hours and four of those holes were next to the creek and went through 3-6 inch rocks the whole way.  I was ecstatic that I will not have to build a single rock jack this time around.

Sarah and I will set all the posts in the ground tomorrow.  Sunday we will measure the distance and mount the cross pieces then I will be able to tighten the two posts together by myself on Monday.  Hopefully, we could start tightening on Sunday but we have to install almost 20 cross pieces and cross the creek twice. Progress is being made.
I forgot to take more pictures of the horses.  I will try and get Sarah on this tomorrow.